Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Day Seven

The morning began with the fact that the Head of the kitchen has decided not to torment us by question what we want today for breakfast, and gave to all Chef's choice. The set of dishes was successful, and we mustered the strength to deliver our items to the boat.

John Preston greeted us cold and overcast, but we are not embarrassed and continued to explore his rich inner world. Some of us were assigned to search protruding metal warts and give them names, others hoovered the bottom deeper and deeper to find firewood, kindle a fire, and to get warm at last.

For giving the full appearance, that everything going is «sound science», sometimes one of us measured distances between the metal warts and firewoods.

The outcome of the Day: we improved our bottom cleaner and well-vacuumed 4 sq.m, drew a few firewood in situ, found a lot of distances and fairly enlarged our knowledge of John Preston…


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