Friday, 25 June 2010

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At this point the days have started blending into each other so I'm not entirely sure why it was a good idea to appoint me as blog-writer! If it weren't for the fact that breakfast and lunch are the same each day I wouldn't have been able to remember what I'd had for either. Anyway, I'll try.

The official day started with the all important eagerly anticipated briefing where we were told what we'd be doing. As were towards the end of the project the schedule for the day included finishing off various tasks. We then happily set off to meet the boat and start the day's diving related activities.

I think that it was today that my buddy and I were diving in the first wave but I might be mistaken. At least I remember what we were tasked with for this dive and this meant spending our time surveying a couple of the metal objects that were found around the wreck. The rest of the group were engaged in such tasks as dredging, photographing and surveying.

We returned to Lochaline for lunch and a quick turn-around ensured that we were back on the site with the aim of carrying out three or four dive waves.

The busy schedule meant that the rest of the day passed quite quickly. Once we returned we went through what had been achieved for the day and set out what was required to wrap up the project for the year.

The End.

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