Monday, 21 June 2010

Monday 21 June 2010

The morning dawned cloudy, which was a relief for our sunburned faces after the last couple of sunny days. After a mass loading of kit, which happily doesn't need to be unloaded till Friday, we puzzled out the scaffolding frames for the two excavation trenches and tagged their corners. Once the mooring system of the small boat we'll be using for the dredge was operational we headed out to the site to set it in place. After a few cups of tea and some juggling, the frames were finally lowered down to the site and Mary dove down to make sure they were positioned alright.

After lunch we returned to the site and began diving in earnest. Two groups of buddies descended to measure the trench frames against several control points while two other groups collected important data. One of these buddy pairs finished the necessary measurements which we didn't get on Saturday and the other collected all the depths from the new points.

Back on dry land, with the necessary restorative tea, we finished our dive logs and plugged the new data into Site Recorder. All that's left now is to see how many lines turn green indicating a job well measured.

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