Saturday, 19 June 2010

On yet another bright and sunny day in Lochaline the group participated in a NAS Part III in Photography, led by the delightful Drs Paula and Colin.
We began with a morning chat about the principles of photography and a reminder that "we are in control of our camera".  What?  But I only use auto on my SLR.  You mean those other functions do something?
We split into two groups for the day, our group first went with Paula to photograph archaeological features, starting with a picturesque boathouse belonging to the Estate.  We shot the boathouse from all angles, though with too much sun in Scotland today (?!) this was sometimes challenging.  One dedicated soul got the perfect perspective by wading into the loch as we watched from the comfort of the shore.  After much searching, we found the obscure boathouse construction date of 1853. 
We then moved on to an old Estate weighbridge, though the perfect photo was again thwarted by the ever present midday sunshine shining though the trees, creating a pretty, but distracting, dappling effect.  An impromtu excavation showed the site to be more extensive than first obvious, though without permission to tear up the tarmac road we left it for another time.
We concluded with a short walk to the Estate barn, then returned to review and critique our photographic attempts, and were quite happy with the results.
After lunch, we joined Colin to learn the fine art of finds photography.  He showed us some clever tricks of lighting and background to display the objects to their best advantage and produce the perfect finds photograph.  Fortuantly we are in the digital age, and after several experiments, some impressive images were produced.
Once again, we learned a great deal from the extensive knowledge and experience of Drs Paula and Colin.
Gotta go get ready for another recon dive on the site of the J.P  yee-hah.

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